What Causes Teeth Yellowing?

Yellow teeth is a more common problem than you think, mainly because so many daily habits damage and tarnish our pearly whites. Not only do these habits yellow teeth, they can damage tooth enamel and weaken your gums.

To maintain a white smile and healthy teeth, avoid:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Sodas
  • Wine
  • Tobacco
  • Liquid medications

Unfortunately, there are some factors out of your control. As you age, teeth will start to tarnish and yellow. This is caused by natural factors wearing away your enamel. In addition, some people are predisposed to yellow teeth thanks to genetics. Not everyone is blessed with brighter or thicker enamel.

If you wish to whiten your teeth, you’ll need to make some lifestyle changes. But this can be a long process. You will need to cut out staining agents in your diet, increase your oral hygiene and see the dentist regularly. However, Park City Dental provides teeth whitening services for his patients in the Greater Park City, KS area. Call us to schedule your teeth whitening appointment today!

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